Suggest a Bookish Bingo Prompt!

Hi. How about a character with epilepsy? (I hope nobody chose this already) I will think of something else if they had.

Thank you for your fantastic suggestion! We’ve included it on the April board here: April Bookish Bingo 💐

This is such a fun prompt! We added it to April’s board: April Bookish Bingo 💐

You’ll see a prompt with Rain on the cover that we added from your inspiration! May will have the same prompt but Flowers :slight_smile: April Bookish Bingo 💐

Thanks for several great ideas! We added Two Word Title to April’s board, but we’ll keep the others in mind for future months April Bookish Bingo 💐

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We loved your suggestions and added a book set in Italy as one of the April Bookish Bingo 💐 prompts!

Okay I have a few possibilites for May:

*There is National Space and National Star Wars Day so maybe read a syfy

  • Mother’s Day falls in May so maybe read a book with a mother as the protagonist
    *May is National Mental Health Awareness so maybe read a book dealing with mental health

Then there’s random ones like:
*Read a book out of your comfort zone

  • Read a book that makes you think of spring
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Pandemic or sickness themed book! :mask:

There’s Cinco de Mayo, so maybe something Mexican in origin. Then there’s Memorial Day, so having to do with the military?

And since ‘Rain on the cover’ was a space for April, it would make sense to have ‘Flowers on the cover’ for May.

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Suggestions for May prompt:
A book that has been on your TBR list the longest.
A book title beginning with the letter M
First book in a series


Some suggestions for May:

— I second the suggestion for a book based on a Mother character.
— A book with a medical professional as a main character.
— A book about travel (this might help us hope for the future … … … or be a nightmare that we can be glad we are avoiding!)
— A book celebrating Memorial Day/beginning of the summer season.
— As libraries remain closed, another pleas for any wild card book around the house that we can scrounge up!

Yet Another Prompt Suggestion:

Why not select a state and then use any book in/about that state? This would take care of a prompt category for the next 50 months!

May’s Bookish Bingo board is here and you’ll see many of your suggests have made it onto the board: May Bookish Bingo 🌞


Idea: A title that starts with the first letter of your name
Ex. My name is Chelsea so I could read City of Bones to complete the prompt.


Another Idea: A book that was gifted to you

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Prompt idea(s): Above and/or under a certain number of pages.


June Bookish Bingo Prompt idea… Summer School or school trope novel

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-Animal on the cover
-Adapted into movie or show
-Favorite Author

  • A book read after hearing about it on a podcast
  • A book with multiple narrators
  • An audio-book (I know it’s on May but June is Audiobook Appreciation Month)
  • A book featuring an LGBTQ+ character
  • A book by a LGBTQ+ author
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June Bingo:

A book featuring LGBTQ characters
A book about enslaved people

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A buddy read
By a Fave Author
Part of a Trilogy