Thank you - my book has arrived!

My copy of In the Garden Behind the Moon arrived today in MA via USPS—thank you!

Thank you my copy of In The Garden Behind The Moon has arrived

My copy of In The Garden Behind the Moon came so fast I didn’t know what the package was. :joy: I’m curious whether the final copy is supposed to be full color, because I flipped through and some of the pictures/illustrations look like they’d be gorgeous in the final print version! :star_struck:

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Has anyone recieved Like Happiness?

@jonadog No I’m still waiting for it too.

I received Garden Behind The Moon today in Atlanta via USPS.

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No, I’m waiting for it here in MA.

Still waiting on Like Happiness too, here in AL!

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If you haven’t received it in another week, it may be worth emailing them. They are very good and quick about replies to get you your book!

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I received In the Garden Behind the Moon today. Thanks so much!

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Thank you sm, I recieved my ARC (Two Sides to Every Murder) today in NYC!

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I received In the Garden Behind the Moon today (2/12) via USPS in TX! Thank you!

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No, still waiting in CT. Hopefully it ships soon.

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Thank you, I recieved In the Garden Behind the Moon on 2/14/24.

I received Like Happiness on 2/17 in MD

I just received Like Happiness in CT.

Was it sent through USPS, FedEx, or UPS?

Hopefully someone else who received it will answer. I received two different books yesterday - one from USPS, one from UPS, and don’t remember which package was which.

I got Like Happiness on 2/17 through USPS in Virginia.