Thank you - my book has arrived!

Still waiting for Like Happiness

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Has anyone received Inside Harare Alcatraz and Other Short Stories? I won a digital copy but still haven’t received it.

@literaryleftie They are both digital copies? Email them directly you should get digital copies the day of or shortly thereafter.

I did receive it, but I had already borrowed it on KU before then. Check your spam?

I received Like Happiness in AL through USPS 2/20!

I received She’s Not Sorry today 2/20 in CA via USPS

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I received Like Happiness today in Atlanta, GA via USPS.

I received my copy of Like Happiness today in California via UPS.

I received my copy of Like Happiness today in California

Thank you, I received Like Happiness on 2/21.

I received She’s Not Sorry. Thank you!

My copy of GRANITE HARBOR by Peter Nichols has arrived. Thank you

I received She’s Not Sorry in VA!

UPS or USPS were the ones to deliver it?

I got it out of my mailbox, so I assume USPS delivered it.

Granite Harbor arrived in LA today

Thank you! I received Granite Harbor yesterday via USPS in AZ.

I received The Last Bloodcarver today by USPS in TX. It’s a finished copy :grin:

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Received The Last Bloodcarver in TX today

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Bloodcarver finished hardback arrived in Central Arkansas 3/5