Thank you - my book has arrived!

I received Sun Memos in Virginia today.


Received sun memos in Southern California today through USPS.

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Received sun memos in New England today! USPS

I received “sun memos” today in Minnesota through USPS.

I received sun memos today (5/21) via USPS in CO.

Received Thirsty yesterday in CA


I received my copy of Thirsty yesterday too. Placerville, CA

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I recieved my copy of Thirsty and sun memos the other day in CA

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I received The Opt-Out Family 5/28/24 in Kansas through UPS

I received The Opt-Out Family on May 28th in Minnesota through UPS.

I received MASQUERADE in NY.
Thank you!

I received Masquerade today in Atlanta.

Also received Masquerade today in California!

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I’ve received The Opt Out Family in California!

I received a paperback ARC of Masquerade 6/1 in Central Arkansas

I received Masquerade in California

I got Prince of the Palisades on 6/7 in PA.

I just received Humor Me in California :slight_smile:

Just got Prince of the Palisades in central Arkansas 6/11. It was a paperback ARC delivered via UPS

Do you know if it was UPS or USPS?