Thank you - my book has arrived!

No not yet, still waiting

Still waiting too - and very impatiently, I must add.

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I hope this means I’ll be getting mine next week. I’m excited to get it and see the recipe cards. :slight_smile:

My copy of Anchored Hearts showed up on my front step today. I don’t know if a neighbor got it by mistake and brought it over or if I just missed seeing it out there. Anyway, Yay! I love how bright and colorful it is.

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Has anyone gotten Fire Keeper’s Daughter by any chance or are we all still waiting?

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I’m still waiting, too.

Still waiting on The Cleaner and Satan’s Gold.

I just found out I won this book by logging on, I never received an email saying I won. I’m not sure when it’s supposed to come in.

There’s been a few times when I didn’t receive an email telling me I’d won either. Not sure why sometimes they don’t go out. 🤷 Anyway, the estimated ship date for Firekeeper’s Daughter was February 17th but there have been many, many shipping delays on the books I’ve gotten from BookishFirst recently, undoubtedly COVID’s fault. I am a bit concerned about this one as it is released next week, 3/16, and I’m wondering if I’ll have time to give it a full, fair review.


I’m still waiting for Fire Keeper’s Daughter as well.

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I have been curious about this as well

i’ve been waiting for it too!

Anyone receive Still Crazy yet?

Came here to check on this. I haven’t gotten mine yet. :frowning:

We are Inevitable arrived today! 3/9


Not yet. Still waiting for it here in AZ.

Received Punch Me To The Gods, via usps, 3/9.
Thank you

Still waiting for my copy. You sure got that quick.

To everyone waiting on Firekeeper’s Daughter and may have missed it, there was a delay with shipping so they all were supposed to be sent out yesterday 3/8. Fingers crossed we all get them by Tuesday! :crossed_fingers:


Our Last Echoes arrived today (3/9/2021)!

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