Thank you - my book has arrived!

Oh good to know did BookishFirst update that?

Yep! They keep the shipping dates all together on this post: Shipping Information
Whenever they get word of a delayed ship date, they update that book with the new date and a little asterisk. :slight_smile:

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I knew that just didn’t see it thank you for updating everyone I was ready to email them :blush:

Firekeeper’s Daughter came in today!


I also received Firekeeper’s Daughter today. It’s gorgeous!


I live in DC and it came from right over the border in Virginia, maybe that’s why? Hope you get yours soon.

Thank you, sounds like a very interesting/different book :smile:

we are inevitable arrived a few days ago, thank you!

I got Punch Me Up to the Gods today! :heart:

Received my copy of Our Last Echoes today! 3/11

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Received Firekeeper’s Daughter today 3.11.2021- Thank you!!!

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Received my copy of Firekeeper’s Daughter today. I live in Nevada. Also, I agree: the cover is gorgeous. 3-11-2021.

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Waiting for mine yet.

Received Fire Keeper’s Daughter yesterday! It’s absolutely beautiful!


Is anyone still waiting on Finding Freedom?

I received my copy of Fire Keeper’s Daughter on 3/12.

Just got my copy of Firekeeper’s Daughter through UPS! She. Is. STUNNING. :heart: 3/12

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My copy of We Are Inevitable just got here via UPS! Kind of disappointed because my copy has a few bent pages and such, but I can’t wait to start it!

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I got Satan’s Gold in the mail yesterday (3/11/2021) and it was signed!

Received Satan’s Gold yesterday, though horribly damaged :pensive:

Still waiting on The Cleaner, any one else?