Thank you - my book has arrived!

Have yet to receive The Cleaner as well. Is it just me or is it taking excessively long?

Definitely taking a long timeā€¦estimated ship date was Feb 10th, over a month ago.

I received my copy of We Are Inevitable today (3/12) via UPS.

I received my copy of We Are Inevitable today! (3/12/2021)

Got my copy of Satanā€™s Gold a little while ago! Didnā€™t know this forum existed. :sweat_smile:

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I got Firekeeperā€™s Daughter today! :heart: :heart:

I also received We are Inevitable. Thank you!

I received a signed copy of Still Crazy today. Came with a bookmark and a bag of Twinings English Breakfast Tea. Via USPS here in AZ.

I also received a signed copy of Still Crazy today (3/15/2021). It came with a few little goodies.

Received a signed copy of Still Crazy in the mail today. Thank you!

Still have not received mine. Definitely taking a long time there.

I got my copy of Fire Keeperā€™s Daughter today (3/15/21) via UPS.

Firekeeperā€™s Daughter comes out tomorrow and I still havenā€™t received my ARCā€¦

I received my copy of Finding Freedom Weeks ago. (2/27)

my copy of firekeeperā€™s daughter came today (3/16)!

Received Firekeeperā€™s Daughter today 3/16 and itā€™s a beautiful hardcover. Sad I wasnā€™t able to get a review in by the publication date but excited to read it!!

same! a bit of ink rubbed off my spine corners

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received what beauty there is today (3/16) via ups!

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Got my copy of Firekeeperā€™s Daughter today!

I recieved my copy of What Beauty There is today! It was also a finished hardcover copy too. I cant wait to finish it.