The Hermes Protocol

The last two wins I had, I received my books several days after the mail date. Was just wondering, since the date of the 16th was the mail date, if other winners of the book got theirs yet? I didn’t see anything about the book listed anywhere else on the forum (that I could find) so I thought to ask here. The only reason I ask is that mail in Cleveland, terrible. And here, post office delivery errors are rampant, packages even being stolen directly from your mailbox so I always like to be on the lookout. It really sucks when you have neighbors who, rather than bring you your mail or return it to the mailman (but, they won’t even take return mail when you leave it at your box, properly too) keep your mail, no matter if they want what you have or not. Really, neighbors out here are too lazy to be neighborly! I once got a neighbors mail and had I not walked it down to him, he would have been out a check from a client for almost a $1,000 (he told me when I hand delivered it to him). Thanks

I just got mine today

Im in Cleveland, wonder why I didnt get mine? Did it come through regular mail as sometimes I get books from Amazon but IDK if they were ever ones from bookish first. Hope its good as I was really excited to read this one! Thanks for the update thou!