The Highs and Lows of Requesting Books

It’s been a rollercoaster book day for me and I thought that all of you are the only ones who might really understand.

This morning, I got turned down on NetGalley for a book that I really, REALLY wanted to read. It was a bit of a punch in the gut as, more often than not, I get approved on NetGalley. So I started out the day a little sad.

Then, I checked my email and got the two books from this past week’s raffle that I really wanted. OK, I claimed the one and took a shot on the other, but it came through! So now I am happy!!

Have you ever had emotions like this? A big high or low involving books?? It can’t just be me, can it??


Definitely. In the past few months I’ve had some really nice ups as Bookish has had both The Kingdom of Back and Chain of Gold available, and I’ve had points for them. On the other hand, I’ve also not gotten approval for books I’ve really wanted too.


Congrats on your raffle win! I have it pretty similar with entering GoodReads giveaways for books I’ve been wanting and not winning and haven’t been really interested in the books on here lately (which is a bummer because I have enough points to claim a book). But I requested an anticipated ARC on NetGalley about a week ago and got approved (which I was not expecting).


That’s great! I enter GoodReads giveaways all the time too, but since SO many people enter them, I always consider them a bonus if I happen to win. :wink:


I claimed The Kingdom of Back too! But missed out on Chain of Gold. I thought I was getting up early enough to claim it but apparently sleeping was not a good idea that night because they were all gone when I woke up. There were a lot of people interested in that one!

Now I think The Kingdom of Back is the OwlCrate selection for March. Super psyched to get a signed copy of that one to keep with my ARC. Love Marie Lu!


I feel the same about netgalley a lot. I got approved for one Christina Lauren romance and now they deny me every time :joy: I have not won many giveaways but have gotten approved for some good netgalley books this year. The book swap forum here is really helping me get some good arcs


Yes! And after you get denied by a publisher who you’ve already received books from, so you get that email that says to review what they look for in a profile? Grrrr… I guess NetGalley gets a lot of requests too and has a limited number of books but it still stings.

I was completely bummed out about not getting Cassie Clare’s ok, it’s the one everyone wants this year. But then I got two emails from Simon and Schuster and St Martin’s letting me know I was auto approved for a couple of books.(Netgalley)I do happy dance when I get email from marketing reps, because I feel like my little reviews are appreciated. :hugs:

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I get that feeling too. Often I won’t win one I want to read and often I can get it from NetGalley! yay!
But then i’ll be denied on NetGalley for a book i really wanted to read, usually by an other i love and that bothers me.

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Have any of you had any luck with Edelweiss? Any tips?

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I’ve had very little luck with Edelweiss. Can’t find that one out.

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I’ve heard alot of people have trouble with edelweiss, but I personally haven’t tried them.