The Pangobooks app

If anyone else is using the Pangobooks app please leave your handle for it!

Mine is: @rmtroyer93

I sold my first book last week and made $6.


Hi. I signed up this week and listed a few. My handle is @babymidori.

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My handle is @chrystal_iris! Welcome to the community!

For those that want to purchase on PangoBooks, use my code TINA5 for $5 PangoBucks that you can apply to your purchase! Also, check out my bookstore: tinalikesbooks' bookstore

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I have never heard of Pangobooks. How do you use it to sell books? I would love to know more.

Hey y’all! My pangobooks storefront is MyBookJoy!

I’ve already bought some books from other bloggers when I was trying to set up my own account, so I’m kind of breaking even on shelf space. xD

It’s super easy! You download the app to a smartphone, take a photo of your book and it will import the details. You can add more details and hashtags to help people find it. Then you list and that’s it!

They take 20% of the final selling price for books over $2.00, plus a $.40 fee. I’m pretty sure it’s usable around the world, because there are international options for shipping. You can either set up a minimum amount for users to purchase from you for them to get free shipping (which you pay for), or they pay for shipping and the app sends you a label to print out when a book sells. You have to get some kind of padded envelope or box to actually mail the book in, but that’s pretty much the only required cost from the seller. You can transfer your earnings via PayPal or direct deposit, and there’s no minimum amount before you can transfer (ie you don’t have to make at least $10 before it lets you transfer out).

Edit: silly of me not to link my account as well, huh? xD


I’ve made an account too, which you can find here. I’ve listed a bunch of books (and bought some too, haha).


I just joined, actually right after this post! Here is mine

More books to come soon! All prices are negotiable and all books available for swap if you are interested. Just reach out via the app

My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @thestonedmason | thestonedmason's bookstore

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