Tutorial: How Do I Share My Reviews?

You can share your review on other book-related websites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google Play, and other book retailers; Goodreads and other book review sites; book blogs; and other reputable book sites. You’ll earn 100 points for each shared review.

*You only receive points for links to books that were published no more than 3 months ago.

Here’s how it works:

Go to the book’s page and click on the “Write Your Review” button:

Then share your review on external sites by clicking the “Share Your Review” button on the book’s page on BookishFirst.

Alternatively, you can also click the “Book Reviews to share for extra reward points” link in your profile overview.

From there you can open your submitted review in another window, for easy copying/pasting. Then you can use the links we’ve provided, to make it easy to find the book page on various sites, or you can visit any other retailer/book community/etc. that you want to share your review to.

You can find a full list of relevant websites you can link to here

Once you’ve posted your review to another site(s), copy the URL that points directly to your review on that book site, include the direct URL of your Review, your Review title, select the Platform type, and Submit.

Below you’ll find detailed instructions on how to find your Review’s URL on the more popular platforms.


After sharing your review to Amazon, you should receive an email from Amazon that will include a direct link to your review (please note that there may be a delay before Amazon approves and publishes your review.) That direct URL that leads to your specific review is the link that you should paste into the Share Your Review section located on the book page on BookishFirst.com, in order to be eligible for the 100 points.

If you do not receive those emails from Amazon, you can also visit your profile page on Amazon to locate the direct URL that way.


You can find the direct URL that leads to your review by going to My Books where all of your books will be listed, including your reviews. Once you have located the books, click on “view” and you will be brought directly to your specific review. The URL should look similar to this format: “https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/xxxxxxxxxx

Barnes & Noble

After you share your review on the Barnes & Noble site, you should receive an email from Barnes & Noble that will include a direct link to your review once it has been approved (please note that there may be a delay before B&N approves and publishes your review and you will be asked to verify the review prior to its approval.)


If you head to your post on Instagram you’ll see three dots in the upper right. After clicking on these dots a list of options will come up and you can select “Copy link” to find the direct review URL.This is the link you want to share in your BookishFirst account.


Each post on Facebook has a timestamp, right under your name on that post. If you click it, you will be brought to the direct URL for that post. This direct URL is the link you want to add when submitting external reviews.


You’ll see a timestamp underneath the review. If you click on the timestamp you will be brought directly to your review URL and this is the link you want to submit. It should look similar to this: “https://www.bookbub.com/reviews/xxxxxxxxxx

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