Under the Naga Tail

Has anyone received their copy yet? I have not. What happens on our profile if we don’t receive? I’m a rule follower, and I hate that I have a book to review because I won entry next to my profile when I don’t even have the book.

@smbergin I received that weeks ago email them directly and let them know you didn’t receive it.

Thanks for your response, Kayla. Who do you suggest I email?? I can’t find any contact information on the Bookish First site.

You go to Bookishfirst help@bookish.com not sure if you need to capitalize any letters hope this helps.

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@smbergin Use this email BookishFirstHelp@bookish.com

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Yes, I received my copy of Naga Trail several weeks ago. In fact, I went back to see when I posted a review on Goodreads, and I did that on February 16.

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