Welcome Back to the Forum (Mystery Bonus Giveaway)

My favorite win so far has been Deal with the Devil.

I really loved The Whisper Man!!! It was so good!!

I think my favorite so far has been The Vanishing Deep. It had a great twist.

Fun, glad it’s back. My favorite win was Rules for Vanishing.

So excited for the Forum to be back and for this giveaway!! I loved The Patient of all of the books I have won so far!

My favorite BookishFirst win so far has been Hollywood Park by Mikel Jollett. I’m not usually crazy about memoirs, but this one was so well written! He didn’t shy away from the difficult topics, and the way he was able to describe such deep, complex emotions was amazing! Runner-up pick is The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu.

My favorite BookishFirst win would have to be The Living Dead; there have been many I have loved, but I think that one comes out on top.

Loved Hollywood Park! So raw and honest!

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I agree! Both were amazing and I can’t wait to see what North writes next!

My favorite bookish win, hmm that’s a hard one. Goddess in the Machine, yeah, that’s a good one. Plus it’s so pretty!

Oh man, hands down I think To Sleep in A Sea of Stars was my favorite win on bookish first. That was an absolute masterpiece of a book. Though How it all Blew up was pretty great too!
Now that I’ve found you was amazing too (but technically I didn’t win that one) but it needs to be mentioned.
There are so many good books on this platform!

My favorite BookishFirst raffle win was another mystery book: The Companion by Katie Alender. I couldn’t put the book down once I got started. I would love to read more mystery books, which is very fitting for Halloween month! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Supernova Era is my favorite BookishFirst win. It evoked so many emotions for me and I felt that it was a very good novel.

My fav bookish when is The Children’s Train.

My favorite book so far from Bookishfirst is Lorna Landvik’s Chronicles of The Radical Hag.

The Unwilling! I love Bookishfirst!

Brand new! No wins yet! BUT mystery would totally be a out favorite!

I forgot about that book. It was amazing how realistic the whole premise seemed because that 24-hour return (trying to avoid any spoilers) was very thought provoking and sad to think about if it could happen.

I’m already a subscriber to the newsletter so I updated my profile today. Very excited to have the Forum back up and running!! Not sure if this counts as a mystery but I really loved reading The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. That was a lot of fun!

It is a tie between To Sleep in a Sea of Stars and The Shadows!