Where do you find paperback ARCs?

Hello all! I have a quick question, where else besides BookishFirst do you find paperback or hardcover advance reader copies? I love free books, I love ARCs but I don’t love it that the majority of ARCs are the e-version.

So far I use NetGalley, GoodReads, and BookishFirst, but I would love some other resources.


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Hello! If you are a fan of YA, I recommend signing up for Novl’s newsletter, as they have an early review program where you can request a physical ARC of an upcoming title. I won a copy of a book I was looking forward to through them. :slight_smile:

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You can recieve ARCs from the publishers if you meet their criteria for a reviewer. They want you to have a social presence like a website or blog, and be able to Google analytics on the number of visits you have. Also just being a consistent positive reviewer will get you on their radar. I get unsolicited books from publishers because they need them reviewed, or I will get an email saying you liked this book, would you like to review another similar book.


Instagram and Twitter. Also publishing clubs. The one I was just reviewing for recently went to e-book version only, I was so sad. Sometimes just directly reaching out to the author or publisher, works too. Good luck!

I have been a member of Goodreads for several years and have received a number of print ARCs from their give-always.

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