Why am I not getting my points?

I wrote two different reviews AND shared them so I expected like 400 extra points but my points have been the same at 700 since yesterday! Why?!

Below is a copy and paste from the FAQs section:

  • 100 points for each Review you write (within three months of publication).
  • 100 points for each time you post a review on another book site, such as Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, and Google Play Books (within three months of publication).
  • 300 points for posting a review to Amazon up to seven days after publication.

So, if your review is outside of the 3 month window, you won’t receive any points.


oooooh ok thank you.


I learned that the hard way when I was starting. I had read some of the books previously offered prior to signing up. So, I thought “woo hoo” loads of points. Nope. Only got the 100 for the review here. I did lose some bonus Amazon points because the book arrived outside the 7-day limit. There were severe, non-Covid, publisher delays.