Winning A Book With Points From A Review

Hi! I joined a few months ago and recently began reading the forum. I see that ALOT of people win books from writing and posting reviews and, while I have written some reviews, in the several months I have been here I do not have enough points to win a book yet but am VERY close. The thing is, to write a review, I read a lot of the book and I take time and write my normally longish, edited reviews. And it takes time. I guess that’s why I haven’t won a book yet. The thing is, I don’t know if I should write shorter reviews, more of them…is my commitment to these perfect five to eight paragraph reviews stupid? Does anyone even read them? Are they too long? Or, would that be sacrificing quality for quality and a win? Let me know what you think please!!


Some of my reviews are longer than others - it depends on the book. I think you should review each book however you’re comfortable with.
It can feel like it takes a long time to earn enough points :slight_smile:


You can write reviews of your first impression based on the preview pages available on BookishFirst’s website. You don’t even have a lot of the book to read at that point. As for long reviews after you’ve read the entire book, it is up to you. Sometimes books seem particularly wonderful to readers, and we want to point out a lot of the aspects that make a book special. Some people do not want to read long, detailed book reviews if they think it will have too many spoilers and they are looking frward to reading their copy of the book. So there is no magical recipe for winning.


I only post BookishFirst reviews for books I’ve read every single word of - i.e. I read the entire book before reviewing. So of course that takes time! But it seems maybe you’re unaware that you can earn more than 100 points per review? If I submit it here, to Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, the StoryGraph, and Books-A-Million, that’s 500 points. Do that for four books and you’ve got yourself a free one.

And, as @readingrebecca pointed out, writing first impressions (i.e. reviews of excerpts) will help get you to 2000 points even faster.

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Wow! Actually, a few days ago, a lightbulb went off, and finally, I realized the MANY ways we could get points. And yes, the review thing, finally was realized. I actually always submit the reviews to Barnes and Noble and Goodreads but, with the light, also submitted at Powell’s Books, too. Thank you for the suggestion of two, new others, StoryGraph and Books-Million!

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Another new question came up as this site, I am finally getting the jist of it! When you win a free book, are you only allowed to claim one of the books on the raffle for the week? Because, when I won my free book for the first time, the only book that came with a button on it, to be able to choose it was the Hermes Protocol. And, because I had not been submitting all the places where I did reviews for points individually (I just put them on Barnes and noble and Goodreads and only submitted on review request for points) I was able to back, submit the reviews correctly, and get points. I actually was able to win two books on the same week. But, with the win of the second book, I was unable to choose any book because none were there for choice! I really wanted to win both books this week as I had a real problem with the summary presentation of the Made in (or On_ Stars) (am not sure of the whole, correct, title) and I wanted to read the book and see if the book was as bad as the summary made it (with was really disorganized and didnt show a cognizant story or timeline, in the story). Well, I found out you cant get both books for the week. Well, at least I couldn’t,
How I wish I had found this site years ago as I really am beginning to despise the fact I always usually am reading galleys in digital form. As I write a book review column for a free newspaper I have found myself reading more of the ARCs one publishing company I know sends me and the books I win on Goodreads and here, for reviews. There is never any way I could read all my books digitally. Plus, I love to take baths and I know if that kindle goes in the tub with me it will most likely end up in the water as did a few books in my life have. So, we are never able to win books that were up for review, in the past? Also, the points we win on the forum, with bingo and games like that, are those points that go to us picking a book of the week, or then, are we able to pick from past books? See, I thought when you won a book, some of the books from the past would be available to pick. I didnt find that to be so with the pick of my first book win, the Hermes Protocol.
Thank you to all the people who respond and answer my questions, no matter how dumb they seem!

I always forget myself when I claim a book but am also interested in the second (or third) for the week, but yes, you’re only able to claim or win one book per raffle. Once you claim, your ability to do so for the other disappears. I think they do that to make a fair distribution for everyone. And yes, you can use points for books, no matter how you got them (reviewing, bingo, etc). The only thing you can’t do is pick from past giveaways, because the copies BookishFirst is allotted will have all been given away at that point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information and its probably a good idea that we win books from the giveaway cause winning past books, it would be most likely be hard on their point to organize and stuff if there were all these books to choose from. But, this is a pretty cool site. Im just curious, how long have you been on the site and how many books have you won, claimed, reviewed? What about other people? Just wondering what it is like to be on the site for a long time? Even in the little time I have been here I I should be getting my thirs book to review soon. I just wish it would come in the mail already. Usually I get them pretty fast, usually three days. But, as of now this is my third win. I am always really excited however, waiting for them to come

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I’ve been here since 2019–it’s one of my favorite book communities. I’ve won about 5 I think? But have been able to claim many more. Receiving books has seemed to slow down lately, based on people’s comments. It feels like we’re getting a lot of books past publication dates. But it also seems to vary by publisher. Those that I’ve gotten from Celadon, for example, come really fast.

I write really long reviews too! I’m not sure either if anyone actually reads them, but I’ve noticed that authors (especially indie authors) find them helpful. I also share my reviews to 10 different places, so you figure 9 of those are 100 points, and Amazon is 300, that’s 1,200 points per review. So, I usually get enough points for a book with two reviews. I also try to leave a first impression for all the books too.

I say keep writing long reviews! Us long-review-writers have to be persistent lol! :joy:

You still get to review on Amazon? I read that people are having a hard time doing that when they havnet bought the book? And I tried to post but they said I didn’t spend $50 dollars this year. I actually spent $80 though but I guess they don’t count it as I used a gift card and didnt give them my own money!! I really don’t like Amazon anymore and morally, won’t let myself even post and I think I might not buy there anymore. It makes me mad that as a legitimate reviewer I can’t post a review when I want and they have all these restrictions. See, I spent thousands on Amazon over the years. Then, my husband and I got new phone #'s. Well, when you log into Amazon, if you have a phone # associated with the account, even if you have your password, if you cant verify your email and phone…bam, your account is irretriveable. I mean I tried…and they ask you all these questions. It wasnt easy hard stuff like my credit card #'s I used but the exact last thing you ordered, how much, the reciept #'s. So, I had this huge Amazon account with all these things I bought, money attached and because of it I was treated well. Thats now gone. Luckily though, I didnt have my Kindle set up yet cause if I lost access to my account now, after all the DRCs I have…I would kill Amazon!! Because of this i will never ever attach a phone # to the account and never change the password. After all, you never know what happens. So far, I believe I have found 6 places to place reviews. Its nice to know that reviewers read them. Don’t you hate cutting them shorter for the places who give limits? Powells does that.

@nomussfussreader I think you’re EXACTLY the kind of reviewer I’m looking for! Selected reviewers are based on an algorithm that rewards reviewers who take the time to do a good job. Is there a way we can connect?

I’m pretty sure we are limited to one win per week/set of books offered, regardless of whether we claim with points or win in the drawing. I have a vague memory of asking Bookish First customer service about that at some point, but am NOT promising I am right about the answer. You can submit reviews for books you’ve won in the past, but I don’t think there’s a way to request a book from an earlier promotion. If anyone is sure about this, please chime in!