Wow! Didn't expect The Living Dead to be a Long Read

Received my book. Dang! It’s 635 pages! I’m going to be stuck with this one for a while. How do you plan to tackle this one along with your other reads? Do you regret entering the raffle or claiming this book? What are your expectations (i.e. do you think it will be better than the film version?) So many questions. What else do you want to add?

Hopefully it will be so gripping that you won’t even think to count the pages left :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping that will be the case. I was just thrown when I received the book.

I am a fan of Romero’s zombie movies, and Kraus is my favorite YA horror author, so I have been looking forward to this one for a while. If it is like Kraus’ other books it will be compelling and disturbing and hard to put down, despite its length.

I’m also a fan of Romero’s zombie movies so I was excited when this book was featured. I was just thrown off by its volume. It just caught me by surprise.

It would be great if @bookishfirst_team included page counts with the rest of the book info. I’ve seen this detail on some other book review/ARC sites, and it’s soooo helpful.

For readers, it helps decide whether to request the book and also helps plan when you can read it + likely date of completion. For publishers, it would help cut down on book copies that get sent out only to go unread/unreviewed (or read/reviewed months after the target date)

I had to make sure that no page count numbers were included in the descriptions and they are not.

I think your suggestion is a good one inasmuch as I would have taken pause on whether to claim the book or enter the raffle had I known the page count.

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I’m really excited to read it! I’m very much hoping the story will be so thrilling that the pages just turn. If not it will take awhile :smile:

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I hear ya. I’m looking forward to reading this as well. I guess I shouldn’t be intimidated by the page length.

I was surprised how long it was but it looks like it’ll read quick. Plus we have over 3 months. Even with my work schedule it shouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah. I forgot about the delayed release/publishing date. Should be a doable read.