BookishFirst Summer of Giveaways (Nonfiction Book Bundle #2) 📖

We’re so excited for the summer that we’re giving away book bundles to BookishFirst readers every week through the end of August! Each bundle will include 2-3 books from past raffles, of the same genre. To be the first to hear about the weekly Bonus Giveaways, sign up for our weekly newsletter!

This week’s giveaway bundle features three Nonfiction books that BookishFirst readers have loved.


One (1) winner will receive these three (3) books:

  • A Tangled Web by Leslie Rule
  • Father of Lions by Louise Callaghan
  • Affliction by Laura Hall

How to Enter:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter (sent every Monday & contains opportunities for bonus points)
  2. Comment below sharing your most read author.
  3. Deadline to enter is Friday, June 25th.
  4. Winners will be contacted directly and announced in the newsletter on Monday, June 28th.
And the giveaway winner is...




I’ve read 41 books so far this year.

I have read, listened to 46 books so far

Just finished my 49th book of the year!

I have read 37 books so far this year. This is way below average for me but my husband has health issues.

I’ve read 29 books so far this year!

I’ve read 92 books according to my Goodreads Challenge.

I don’t usually keep track of how many books I read in a year. I would estimate 60-70 at this point.

I’ve read 51 books so far this year.

I’ve read 76 books this year (for my book review blog) but many of them are children’s books.

Probably I’ve read 60-70 books.

So far I have read 55 books this year.

36 books so far for me.

I’ve read 71 so far…

21 Books so far this year!

I’ve read 53 books so far this year and am currently reading number 54 and number 55. I always read one during the day and another one in bed at night.

I have read 25 books so far this year.

I have read 39 books so far this year.

I have read 21 book so far this year.

I have read 37 book so far this year.