Friday Question #11: Do you read highly anticipated books right away?

Happy Friday!!!


This week’s question is inspired by the BookishFirst team’s massive TBR piles:
When you get your hands on a highly anticipated book do you fly through it or slowly savor it?


I try to savor it but sometimes I fly through books when I’m really into the story.

I read multiple at a time, so you get to spend longer with each one, but it helps me finish more books total. Alternating with a really engaging book can also push me to get through some that I’ve been dragging my feet on.


If it’s part of a series, I have to wait until I have the whole series in my possession, but if it’s a standalone…you better believe it’s being devoured right away!


I SLOWLY savor highly anticipated books. I am still reading Call Down the Hawk lol😂

Depends on my mood :smile:

First, I usually wait to read a highly anticipated book until I can find it at a used book sale. That is just usually. Second, once I have a highly anticipated book, I read it at the same pace I Read any other book unless it is one of those unputdownable books, which I, of course, read faster.

I buy them right away…and then they sit on my shelf for months to years. Lol.


If the book’s author is a favorite of mine, I savor the read.

I try to savor it… That doesn’t always work out. :upside_down_face:

I try so hard to stay in order of ARC’s I already have but yes if I get one I’m really looking forward to I’m very guilty of jumping to that book immediately.

I usually get my hands on it as soon as possible and then wait about a month or so to read it. I think the high anticipation scares me a bit, especially if I hype it up to myself. lol. I fear that after all the hype it would be a huge disappointment. So far, that hasn’t happened…yet.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on a highly anticipated book. When I finally get it, it often goes on my TBR pile for a time when I can take the time to lose myself in the pages, often weeks later.

It depends on the books. Some I will read just as soon as I can get my hands on it. Some are not a genre I like a whole lot, so if I get a copy, it might sit until I have time for it.

This one always depends for me. If it is a really good book, I can’t just savor it and put it down because I get so drawn in to the story. But then I realize I miss a lot of details that way, which if it is a series ends up making me have to go back and read. I am currently reading the second book in a trilogy and I read the first one so fast because I loved it that I went back and reread it when the second one came out.

I try to! If my Too Read pile isn’t too large and it’s by one of my favorite authors, I try to start right away!

It totally depends on my TBR list–I like to keep it organized and so I try to stick to it the best I can.

It depends on time, how well the book is written, and how long I have been waiting for it to come out.

That depends on what the book is and the author. If it is a author that I follow then I am all over the opportunity to devour that book.

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Nope! I actually let them sit on my shelves for a few months, then pick them up.

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