Friday Question #129 - Books Not In Print

Happy Friday, Readers!

What are you reading for the “book not available in print” square on the July Bookish Bingo board? This could be an audio or eBook exclusive or something that is an older title that’s currently out of print. Share your recommendations :arrow_down:

I only do audio books when I’m on a long road-trip and I don’t do ebooks. That said, I read a book back in HS 1978 that was in our very small school library called “I Wanted To See” by Borghild Dahl.
It is out of print, but if you can find it, it is worth the read. I still, after all these years, remember it. Perhaps, that is the book I will reread. Yes, I did buy it in a used book store several years ago. Because it made a impact with me back in school - that I can do anything I set me mind to. Inspiring.

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