Friday Question #20: Do you utilize your library's digital collection?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers! We hope you’re all safe and healthy. We want you to know that we’re always here for you as a virtual place to discuss books especially during these circumstances.

Our local libraries are always there for us, even when we’re unable to physically visit them. Have you taken advantage of their online lending services and other online events they’re holding?


I love my library’s e-resources! Overdrive/Libby was a lifesaver in my early motherhood days before I could take the kids into the building (and we’re really missing it now!). I feel a little spoiled—I can borrow from 8 library systems with 10 take-outs in each. And even though holds can be long, there is always a ton that is available to read now :slight_smile:


I just learned how to use Overdrive am I’m over the moon about this!

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I love overdrive! I have two library cards from my city and state library and I’ve been reading a lot more since I downloaded it.

Yes, I use Overdrive/Libby all the time. Especially in the past my life was so that it made it difficult for me to make it to the library when it was open. I love that there are so many books that I can borrow this way. Audio books are also simple with Libby.

I’ve been using OverDrive for 2 years now and it has been the greatest thing ever. I listen to tons of audiobooks. Makes household chores fun haha

I do use the online digital library. I usually only use it when I can’t find what I want at my local library or a library in my county since I prefer holding a book in my hand and turning the pages. But these are difficult times and I am so grateful that my digital library is there.

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Discovering my library’s e-collection was my best discovery ever. I have since collected several library cards, and have nearly endless options for ebooks and audio books. I almost don’t miss the actual library right now.

I love using Libby! I can down both ebook and audible. I love using the ebook if I don’t have a book on me and want to read while waiting or traveling somewhere. The audio books are great for when I run!

I use Libby/Overdrive and Cloud Library for both eBook & audio. It’s especially helpful right now with the libraries in my area being shut down. They’ve even added more books to their selection which is awesome.

Yes! Overdrive. The best way to borrow books. Haven’t participated in their Big Library Read events yet.

I have been using Overdrive for years now. I started using Cloud Library a few weeks ago and it’s been a great experience.

I have been using the librarys ebook app way before now. It’s been a big help in borrowing books for my son for when I don’t have time to run to the library…or in the event that he reads a book really fast and then has nothing new. And especially now it has been a tremendous boon to have.

Always! Even before being trapped in my house, digital loans made it so much easier to start a new book once I’d finished one (not dependent on a trip to the library!).

However with the restrictions MacMillan placed on libraries last year, I’ve noticed a serious impact to their titles with wait times often being listed as multiple years, which is completely outrageous. The issue is amplified in current times, with so many people turning to digital loans due to stay-at-home and similar orders. What a shame they aren’t willing to help communities embrace what they love at a time they need it most.

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They actually lifted these restrictions about a week ago, I’m not sure if it’s temporary due to what’s going on, but I hope it’s a permanent thing because I have to wait for weeks for these titles to be available since they placed these restrictions :confused: source @jenniferforjoy

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Oh my God that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing, I don’t know how I missed that news! that’s exactly what I was hoping they would do, at least for the time being to make it easier for people who are just stuck inside for weeks on end. :tada:

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Yes some but I live in a small town with small library that doesn’t use Overdrive or Libby so it doesn’t have as great as a selection as I hear other people having. I still love my library though!:heart::grin:

When I can get a book I want to read at that time. Otherwise, I use the book version more times than not. My eyes can only take reading on a device so much and then they go batty.

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Been doing it since the last recession.

Sometimes. I prefer the hard copy, but if I can not find it I will go to cloudLibrary and either place hold or download. Sometimes if I really want to read the book I will download the audio book. Love cloudlibrary. Now that we have moved I have until May with it, then I have to figure out what cloud source the local library has. :frowning: