Friday Question #20: Do you utilize your library's digital collection?

I use Libby all the time!!

I definitely do. I have been for nearly a year. Right now I am listening to The Splendid and the Vile. really good!

I use Overdrive, Libby and Hoopla and I have library cards from three different county libraries that are near me. So many books!

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I use Overdrive and CloudLibrary, as I tend to prefer their UI’s to Libby and SimplyE, though it can actually depend on the book. I also have access to a ton of academic e-books through my workplace, though they tend to have terrible UI’s so I try to get those same books in print when I need them (which of course it isn’t possible right now). And I have access to Overdrive via two different public library systems. Being a library professional is the life! :slight_smile:

I do use my library’s digital services, but not a lot. I’ll use Hoopla for comic books and graphic novels that I can’t find physically.
I’d much rather have a physical copy in my hand, but I’ll check out an e-book if the need is great and I can’t find a copy anywhere else.

Even before the pandemic and being put on a shelter in place order for my state, I’ve utilized my library’s digital catalog. Now that all the libraries are closed, I’m utilizing it even more. I’m fortunate in that I have library cards for three different library systems in my area, so I’m able to place holds with all three systems and my reading isn’t taking a hit.

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Almost exclusively! Overdrive, Axis360, Hoopla - so many choices!

I’ve been a longtime user of my library’s digital services, specifically their digital audiobook offerings. And those audiobooks are getting me through the long days!

Definitely! I love listening to audiobooks on Libby while I’m cooking, cleaning, crocheting, etc. I haven’t downloaded one in kindle format for a while now from the library, but I do occasionally.

I love using my library’s digital lending platform. It makes it great for audiobooks and for any books I don’t want to necessarily buy for my kindle. Or when I don’t want to buy physical books.

Yes, definitely. Both the digital copies online through Overdrive and inside the library for hard copies. I so appreciate our local library and miss them being closed for the unforeseeable future due to CV-19. I wish however that there were more digital copies available of current releases. I have to wait weeks sometimes for a digital request.

Yes! Libby is my absolute favorite. I like to read e-books on my laptop while I dry my hair. It’s a lot easier than a physical book because I don’t have to hold it open!

I live in a little town in northern Indiana. We do not even have library cards and we do not have access to Overdrive/Libby. I am fortunate that the librarian will usually order any books I suggest.

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Yes! My local county library system has numerous online resources and catalogs for us to use. I’m on there all the time borrowing books and especially audiobooks.

I’m glad you have such a great library to help with requests since you can’t do digital lending! Do you read digitally on your own at all?

I’ve been using my library’s e-books for quite some time, and now this incredible service is more valuable than ever. Libraries in my state are not open for checking out print books, and they do not want print books returned at this time - not even to the large drive-thru return bins. Now would be a great time for anyone using the library e-services to make a donation to show our appreciation. “Donation” does not need to conjure up images of bank-breaking amounts of money. Many public library websites have a donation link with Paypal options, and any amount can be helpful.

I do this now more than the physical books. I like it because I live in a rural area in PA. I can have my own library but also Philadelphia and Pittsburgh’s digital library as well as the neighboring county… all for free access. So I have multiple libraries to obtain any book that I want. It just automatically returns as well. I never have to leave my house to browse books or get the book! Additionally, they have other resources including Hoopla for me to use. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy a real book as well, but I do love my digital content!

Yes, I’ve been using my library’s OverDrive now that the actual library has closed down. I still prefer paper over digital (less strain on the eyes), but I’ll read an ebook if I can’t find a physical copy.

Yes I read a lot of books digitally. I read arcs from NetGalley and review as well as order books on Kindle and books from bookstores.

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No. I already had large piles of books to read in my living room and in my bedroom. I could be quarantined for the next few years and still have books to read.