Friday Question #27: What genre would you like to see more of?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

What genre would you like to see more of on BookishFirst? We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you want to win, read, and review.


I would like to see more Historical fiction


I would like more Historical Fiction and more YA

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Definitely love the idea of more historical fiction as well. And women’s fiction, but not necessarily romance.


Graphic novels and graphic memoirs! They’re such a unique break from standard novels and can be so powerful with the imagery. I found that graphic memoirs in particular illustrate this (pun!) Because often with difficult stories it can be easier to show rather than put something into words.


I’m good with all the thrillers and mysteries I’ve been seeing so far!

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I’d like to see more literary thrillers.


Mysteries, including cozies and women’s fiction.

Let me see, looking at the past (almost two years), it appears that what mostly shows up are:

  • thrillers
  • YA
  • fantasy
  • romance

I think horror books would be interesting, so would some more ‘biographies’ / non-fiction with interesting voices/topics. I’m a big fan of True-Crime or even Entertainment books (since I’m big into films and musical theater).


More thrillers, grit lit,history,adventure

Historical fiction and more thrillers

Historical Fiction and Romcoms

There’s been a lot of contemporary romance lately which I enjoy, but I’d like to have other sub-genres of romance like historical and romantic suspense.

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Psychological thrillers, true crime, police/law procedurals, horror, mysteries, romantic suspense


Historical fiction, psychological thrillers.

I would love more dystopian since it’s my favorite genre. I would also like more fantasy that doesn’t have mystical or magical elements in it.

I would love to see more YA novels and Graphic novels :slight_smile:


Historical Fiction YA, Graphic Novels

I am not very interested in genre fiction, I like literary fiction and nonfiction.

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Psychological thrillers, horror.