Friday Question #27: What genre would you like to see more of?

Psychological Thrillers and Historical Fiction!

I’d love to see more thrillers, mysteries, and cookbooks. Also, really good books for book clubs that would appeal to 35-70 year range. I have a group of 22 and we often are split on the books we choose for discussion.

I’d like to see more graphic novels and true crime.

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I’d like more sub genres under romance such as dark, suspense, erotic, paranormal.

Keep all the psychological thrillers coming! Would love to see more horror & dark thrillers books added.

I love cozy mysteries and would love to see those more often!

I want to see more middle grade books featured, any genre is awesome, including fantasy and contemporary.

Historical Fiction without a sappy romance!

I would like more historical fiction, please.

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I would like to see more Thrillers/Mysteries

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More Historical Fiction would be fabulous!

More literary fiction, historical fiction, dark humor, and non-YA dramas.

I love thrillers and Romcoms

Romance, contemporary, historical, sports …etc. Judaica, but I doubt that you get much of that.

Horror and true crime! Also love the thrillers.

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Historical, Romance, Humor.

Paranormal and adult fantasy

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Some more horror and fantasy!

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More fantasy and YA fantasy, as well as historical romance. The majority of the books seem to be thrillers and contemporary romance which don’t interest me

I would love to see more dystopia type books and some books with female heroine type books