Friday Question #27: What genre would you like to see more of?

I love all the thrillers and mysteries that have been posted so far. However, I know there’s several that I would love to see that are being released over the summer. Historical Romance, Fiction, Horror, YA and maybe some paranormal.

I’d love more Young Adult!

I love historical fiction and would enjoy more of that genre. I also like mysteries, but not the thrillers that contain a lot of violence. I like books that take place over several generations. I like books dealing with modern day situations and issues such as Jodi Picoult’s books.

I read just about anything, but I love Historical Fiction and YA, which seem to pop up every once in a while. I feel like there’s a lot of police procedural and thriller books recently. Don’t know why I have that impression.

That being said, I think there are a lot of great non-fiction and self-help books out there that I might not purchase without being able to preview. I think those two under-represented genres would be fun additions here.

I’d like to see more YA fantasy or just YA in general.

Historical fiction–Regency, Victorian, Roaring Twenties, WW1, WW2

i’d like to see more urban literature.

Historical fiction as long as it’s not WWII. There seems to be a glut of that and it’s usually pretty depressing.

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I would like to see more historical fiction. Although, I have enjoyed the variety offered!

I like fantasy, sci-fi, horror, suspense/mystery/thriller and YA/kids.

I would like to see more graphic novels and mystery.

Historical fiction, literary fiction, memoirs

I would love to see more memoirs and some graphic novels.

More ya fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and romance.

I would like to see more horror, thriller, and romance

I really like the eclectic mix we get here! I’ve sampled books that I never would have picked up otherwise and found myself so interested that I’ve placed pre-orders when I didn’t win.

That being said, I always love seeing more YA fantasy and sci-fi :slight_smile:

I would like I see more YA, more romance, more urban fantasy and fantasy. I also love historical fiction.

The books seem to trend towards science fiction, thrillers, and women’s fiction.

Mysteries and non-fiction. I saw a crochet pattern book awhile back, something crafty like that would be a nice change occasionally too.

Wow- it’s apparent that we are a group of diverse readers! I like Women’s fiction, romance, and current literary fiction. Also love paranormal and fantasy (magic!).

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I’d love more sci-fi and horror, maybe some urban fantasy.