Friday Question #37: What is your ideal beach read?

Happy Friday, BookishFirst Readers!

What is your ideal beach read? Is it a specific genre or type of book? And do you have any “beach read” recommendations?

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I definitely picture a mass market paperback as being the form I would bring on the beach with me. I mainly picture romance as a beach read genre but also literary fiction and non-fiction. One book that comes to mind as a perfect beach read is Forget Me Not by Brenda Jackson. It’s a cute romance that even takes place by the water!

I honestly don’t understand the either appeal or maybe the definition of a beach read… To me the definition is a book that is about nothing or that you don’t need to think to read… And i can’t grasp why anyone would want to read a book like that… help me??

I imagine a mass market paperback of a cozy mystery.

I don’t really take it as not needing to think but more like something that is light that you can stay utterly relaxed while reading and won’t stress you out (in the best possible way). I feel like things like suspense or heavy action or anything with intense trauma, for example, to me wouldn’t be beachy.

I never take a book with me to the beach

Family drama, psychological mysteries and thrillers… I love these books any where any time. Not what people would consider “beach reads”.