Friday Question #8: Do you have any 2020 reading resolutions?

Happy New Year BookishFirst Readers!

We hope you had a great holiday and are excited for a new year of raffles, reads, and reviews. We’ve been busy getting ready for the new year by setting up our personal reading challenges, shiny new planners, and thinking about all of the goals we want to accomplish this year.

Do you have any 2020 reading related resolutions? It’s not too late to think of some ways you can improve your reading or reviewing habits in 2020.


My reading resolutions for this 2020 include:

*Reading more books
*Reading books in a wider range of genres (expanding beyond ya scifi and fantasy)
*Participating in more conversations about books online and in-person (recommendations wanted!)
*Join a book club for the year
*Growing my blog with more reviews
*Growing my bookish social media channels with regular bookish content

I love reading and talking about books and I am looking forward to doing more of both this year.


Mine is to try (once again) to read books I own. I buy them with good intentions and then I see something else and off I go! I do love to read and be current but there is something to be said for ones that have been around awhile, too.

I do enjoy getting recommendations and a bookish first win :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just 2

  1. To have a productive year in all things I do.

  2. Read as much Sanderson as I can.


One is to catch up on the ones I already own. I saw many putting themselves on a book buying ban but I won’t lie to myself LOL. Another is to add more non fiction. I had my eye on several last year and I think its time to get back into it


My 2020 goal is to read a better mixture of new books/ARCs and backlist books by authors I have loved or books that I have on my shelf. Last year I focused too much on 2019 books only!

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I’m going to read more conscientiously and thoughtfully in 2020. In 2018 and 2019 I read to achieve reading a certain number of books, and I would find myself searching my bookshelves for books to fit a challenge or a reading goal.

This year I’ve set a goal of reading only 48 books. I’m used to reading 150+ books a year, and I find that I’m not absorbing what I’m reading. #1 - read less books & #2- spend more time reading each book.


My 2020 reading resolutions:

· to read all the books I

· finish the same 7 books
that have stayed on my
goodreads “currently
reading” status😂

· incorporate time for
reading throughout my

· finish series I fully own,
have started, yet haven’t
finished (Ex. Crazy Rich
Asians & Caraval trilogy)

· read arc’s in larger


I plan one reading 30 books. 50, if I find really good books. I want to start a book club with my family members. I want to get a reading journal so, I can keep track of the books I read and have my personal track of my reviews. I plan on trying to find a good book series for each of my family member, so I can share my love of reading. I think my brothers’ wife like to read but I haven’t asked directly. Another goal I have is to get a journal to keep track of all the books I have of a physical copies and digital copies of. A goal I plan try to really tackle is reading the books that I pyhsically have and order the 1st books because I have a lot of books that are not the 1st ones. I also am going to try and downsize my library. I still need to pay back the library for a book I lost back in 2012. Lol. The library is in a different county that I am in. I got it when I was visiting my sister.but I plan to go through my things and hopefully find it. If I don’t I’ll just buy a copy of the book and see if they will take that.

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My goal is to try to read more genres that I wouldn’t normally read. Maybe by joining a reading challenge that will help with that. I’ve set my Goodreads goal to 100 books.
Other than books my goal to is to work on getting more healthy by watching what I’m eating and exercising more. Not really dieting but more of a lifestyle goal.

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Oh Janet, that’s me too! Luckily most of my books are digital. Otherwise I don’t think I could fit in my apartment with them! lol They’re from at least a couple of years now. And what am I reading now you ask? I’m rereading the In Death series lol


Enjoy your reading! (sorry I took so long to reply)


Thanks Janet! You also!


I purchased a giant 2020 planner which helps me keep track of how much I read per book, when to finish an ARC and promote it. :slight_smile: It’s really helpful since I read 5+ books at once​:joy:.

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I am going to try to read 70 boo,s this year !

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I read a lot of romance novels. My brain might be going to mush. So, my goal is to try to read more books that teach me something.

Complete my Goodreads challenge. I started with 24 books for 2020, but I finished that goal so I upped it to 30. I just need 3 more to complete it.

Really hoping to meet my reading goal for the year which I bumped up from 10 (last years total) to 17 for this year! That probably seems like so little to some of you & it’s only an odd number because adding 17 would make my total read be an even number!

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Start reading on of my books in my TBR pile but kinda in a slump right now

My goal has been to read more of the books that I’ve had on my shelves for a while. The ones I got some years ago and have yet to get to. I try to catch up but I won’t stop buying books LOL