Hi! Total Newbie here!

Hi everyone! I’m Kelly. I am brand new to Bookish First and to Bookish Bingo. I am an avid reader and thanks to NetGalley, have begun to receive ARC’s as well. I welcome any tips or advice you may have and am looking forward to doing this with you all! :-):smiley:

Welcome! I discovered both netgalley and bookishfirst at the same time as well! I love both, and as someone who had never won a book giveaway and knew nothing of ARCS, I can say for a fact with bookishfirst if you just read the first impression of books that sound interesting and write a very short summary (takes 5 min) you will win. I’ve won 3 books so far and I’ve honestly written a total of maybe 7-8 first impressions (but I’m picky…). I like real books, but if you’re into e-books netgalley is awesome. So many books (and I especially like the “read now” books that you don’t need approval to get. There are so many good ones). So if you like to read you’ve found the two best places to get books early and free in my humble opinion at least:-)

You can choose to enter a raffle or not when you write your first impression.

I didn’t know that when I started so I just didn’t do it for a couple weeks until there was a book I was interested in, because I didn’t want to enter the raffle if I wasn’t interested in the book. And then on the one I wanted, I saw there was an option… :joy:

so feel free to do the first impressions for everything to get the points, and if you’re not interested in the book just uncheck that box! :ok_hand: