How many books won so far?

I haven’t won ANY books so far in 2020😭 I have only received one because I claimed it with points. It makes me kind of sad! Anyone else?


Mine have all come from claiming points as well. I’ve had bad luck winning books everywhere lately!


I’ve won two from bookish first, a few on Instagram, and a twenty or so on goodreads.


I’ve won 2 books in 2020 without using points. I honestly think it depends on the review that you write.


So far 14 but that includes claims. Haven’t claimed a book in a while and I have 4,700 points. I can’t seem to find anything that I really want to read.

As for GR, I’ve been winning one every week it seems.


I’ve won 1 book on BookishFirst and 11 on GoodreadsGiveaways this year.


I claimed two books! But I really haven’t been entering many raffles on here.


I won 2 back-to-back and claimed another with points, but that’s it. I’ve won more Goodreads Giveaways than Bookish First giveaways, which is a first! Maybe this site is just getting more popular?


Me too I haven’t won a book in any of the raffles in a while!


I’m the same, I have 4,300 points because none of the books were ones I wanted to claim


I always consider any type of giveaway win a big bonus. I’ve won some and lost some and claimed some but it’s all in good fun! My motto is, you can’t win if you don’t enter so I am always entering for interesting books.


I’ve used my points to claim 2 books. Haven’t won any of the raffles I’ve entered. But then again, I haven’t really been interested in the books being offered.

I entered and won my first raffle here, and wasn’t sure if it’s more common to win or to not. Seemed pretty lucky for my first go! Happily it was a book I was especially interested in reading!

After reviewing their raffle draw terms, they don’t actually specify that the drawing is random from all entries (the way Goodreads does specify in their terms) so it’s POSSIBLE that someone is reading these and just choosing ones they think will review it positively. They keep it just vague enough.


I’ve won one in 2020 but never got an email or anything about it! I have enough points to claim one but can’t find one that interest me a ton either.

Wow! I’m super surprised that so many are killing it on Goodreads. I finally just won 2 on there after an 8 month dry spell. And I enter a TON of giveaways on GR. I’ve been doing quite well on Bookish First. I think I’ve won 3 and claimed 2 so far this year, but I’m pretty selective about what I enter because I’m drowning in books! I just assumed that the site wasn’t that popular, because I’m usually not lucky with things.

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Is anyone aware of any ARC book exchanges on any other sites, such as Goodreads?

I’ve seen people doing them on Twitter under #arcsfortrade.

I have won once in two years and claimed one. GR has dried up. Used to win one every few months. Now maybe once a year. I have a better success rate with digital on netgalley or edelweiss.

I have yet to win in 2020 either. I was winning a lot, but it has stalled.
I cannot win a Goodreads contest to save my life with over 400 friends and a ton of reviews. On here I have won 4 or 5 books with one using my points. But after “Behind Every Lie,” I quit winning them. I am not sure why.

Is there a trick to winning GR giveaways? I’ve always had the worst luck, and I didn’t realize that the number of friends and reviews mattered. I thought the giveaways were completely randomized?