June 2021 Bookish Bingo 🌷

Are you ready to conquer your TBR with a round of Bookish Bingo? Join us in June and conquer your TBR!

If you share a completed bingo in the comments below before July 1st, you’ll receive 20 bonus points!

Click here to read the rules and download your Bookish bingo card below. Make sure you share your progress with us by using #BookishBingo on social media. Let us know what books you’re reading for each prompt below! When you get a bingo, shout it out here.


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Goodmorning, I have a question about the meaning of “trope” because I can’t understand what it is. Thank you very much!

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Throwing out a request for a BookishFirst Rec. Something in the humor genre would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A trope is a sort of cliché aspect of a story. Examples include a love-triangle, friends-to-enemies, or the “chosen one” storyline. There are many others though.


Would you guys count The Jasmine Throne as a book starting with J? Just curious as to whether or not you guys count “The”.

Would like a recommendation for a short rom-com.

Tentative TBR. Most of my books are library books, and I listen to a lot of audio books, so those spots will be easy fills, as will “read outside”.

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Hi All! I have my board full with tentative reads except for forum recommendation. Can someone please recommend a favorite book of theirs? Or a book they think is underrated? Thank you!

I got mine from Friday Question #70.

I don’t see where to find that?

It’s in the Forum. It’s the topic entitled: Friday Question #70: What is the last book you recommended to someone? It’s under the Book Talk Category. Friday Question topic.

Awesome. Thank you!!

In case this helps anyone :heart:


Anybody have a fatherhood themed book recommendation…that isnt the Road? Stuck. I found a list of books with strong father figures, but not sure if that is suffucient. One off that list was Lovely Bones, which is on my want to read list. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Have fun! It’s not for me, and that’s okay!

I just finished Last Summer at the Golden Hotel, which would work for fatherhood theme (and a few other spots on the board including plot involves social media, set during summer, characters take a hike…I like to pick books that could fill a few spaces since I never know where my board is going :rofl:) It was a quick, sweet summer read about two families deciding whether to sell their Catskills resort that their fathers founded.

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Bingo, baby!!

I don’t count “the”, so you’re just fine!

I got Bingo on my 5th book but I’ll post towards the end of the month cuz I might get it twice