Pick 3! Adult Books Edition

Obviously The Kiss Quotient and the Wedding Date - I loved them both soooo much! And then The Silent Patient because god DAMN it freaked me out.

The Immortalists! Beautifully written!
The Silent Patient! Great suspense!
The 7 1/2 deaths…Mystery!!

The Kiss Quotient
The Wedding Date
Once Upon a River.

As a romance reader and a SFF reader my picks are easy:
The Wedding Date
The Kiss Quotient
Magic for Liars

Once Upon a River
Magic for Liars
The Immortalists

Great stories and a little quirky. Excellent mix.

I would pick these 3:

The Immortalists

The Silent Patient

A Tangled Web

The Silent Patient
Magic for Liars
& The 7 1/2 Deaths if I had a copy of that one

Only read the silent pt and s tangled web but loved both. Im gonna have to check out 7 and a half deaths and magic for liars now after seeing responses though as ive never heard of either one!

The Immortalists and Magic For Liars.

The immortalists
A tangled web
The silent patient

I would keep
The Silent Patient - such an amazing page turner!

I would also like to read
The immoralists & the 7 1/2 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle both which I’ve heard great things

The Kiss Quotient, The Wedding Date and The Silent Patient. I love Romance and also love a good psychological thriller.

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I am not sure if I can pick just three, A Tangles Web, Cilka’s Journey and The Silent Patient. I have not read them yet and really want to. of course I really want them all.

I’ve read A Tangled Web and thought this true crime book was excellent. I would choose also the 7 1/2 Lives of Evelyn Hardcastle, and Once Upon a River because they sound interesting from summaries I’ve read.

Cilka’s Journey, The Silent Patient, and The Wedding Date

The immortality, the 7.5 deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and once upon a river, because I haven’t read them and they look like books I would enjoy

Magic for Liars, The Silent Patient. 7 & 1/2 Deaths if I had that one lol. Really need to get a copy of that, esp after reading his newest which was excellent!