Shipping Information

Good morning, I am waiting for my book to arrive.

I’m still waiting for The Gift of Sensitivity :confused:

I’m still waiting on Like Happiness to arrive? It’s been two weeks since the estimated ship date. Thanks for any help you can provide!


Still haven’t received Sync. I’ve reached out twice since it’s been a month since its estimated ship date and was told they would contact the publisher.
Is everyone who was waiting on this still waiting on this?


Yes still waiting on Sync and have not heard anything about it.

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Yep, I’m also waiting on Sync still

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Maybe the publisher is choosing to wait until closer to the release date to send it.

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There’s an asterisk on Sync* saying the new ship date is April 15th.

That definitely could be. I know Penguin Teen sometimes takes awhile longer than some of the other publishers I’ve gotten. Hopefully soon!

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It wasn’t there when I checked last night, thanks for the info!

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Humor Me is supposed to be released for sale July 9th. And I haven’t received it yet anyone else? I also emailed bookish first and haven’t heard back

I am still waiting on my copy of ‘ Devil is Fine ‘ … There was a delayed shipping but it’s been 4 weeks as of today and I’ve seen others in nearby states received their copies … just wondering if I could get help tracking or figuring out what is going on ??

@leinaliz429 Email them and they have never provided tracking for any book for as long as I have been a member.

I think there’s a few of us still waiting for it! But definitely email them, and they’ll reach out to the publisher.

I agree with others on emailing to let BookishFirst know of the issue. I am still waiting on my copy as well and received a response from support earlier this week noting that they’d reach out to the publisher and hopefully it would arrive soon. They don’t provide tracking info.

I have emailed them twice once off of my second email with my account info and once through bookishfirst and they saw my message on bookishfirst just no reply yet. Not sure where to go from there. Thank you all for your responses.

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Looks like they updated the shipping date again to June 7 now. So hopefully the publisher sent our copies out then and we’ll be getting them soon :crossed_fingers: