Thank you - my book has arrived!

I just received my copy of The Living Dead today here in AZ. 4/20/20

Has anyone received The Half Sister yet?

Still waiting on mine, so you’re not alone.

I have not received mine either.

I still haven’t received The Half Sister or The Kinder Poison. I don’t believe either have shipped since I haven’t seen anyone post anything here or on instagram.

You can see which books are currently experiencing delays here: Shipping Information. We’ll continue to update the topic as we learn more from publishers.

Still waiting for the Kinder poison too

If the books ship after publication date, are we able to claim the full 300 points for Amazon even if it’s after pub day since it’s extenuating circumstances?

Received my copy of Hollywood Park on 4/25

I’m still waiting on Kinder Poison as well.

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I’m also waiting on a kinder poison to come and the goddess in the machine hasn’t arrived either.

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I just got an email from Penguin Teen saying that Penguin is suspending all mailing of physical ARCs for the foreseeable future, so I don’t know if we will be sent eARCs in their place.


Oh that is disappointing - although certainly understandable in the current business climate.


I sent an email to BookishFirst to see if they have any insight on this. I much prefer physical copies of books (that’s why I’m not on NetGalley), but under the circumstances, I’d like the book in whatever form as I claimed The Kinder Poison with points and I won Goddess in the Machine.

Edited to add - And, it’s odd that Penguin has giveaways still listed on Goodreads if they’re not sending out ARCs any longer.


I think it’s because on Goodreads it says that shipping is delayed, but the time period hasn’t been specified (so it could be indefinitely).

I just want to read The Kinder Poison, so I’ll talk it however.

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I have not received mine yet either :frowning:

I won a copy of kinder poison on Twitter, read it and loved it. I then foolishly traded it thinking because I used my points here for a copy I would still have a book. I hope we get physical copies. I also wonder if they will end up pushing back the actual release date (like so many publishers are doing) so it can get the proper promotion. It’s a waiting game I guess

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I haven’t received my copy of The Half Sister either.

I’m claimed Goddess in the Machine with my points and am now unsure if I will even get it. I’m super excited to read that one. This pandemic just wants to ruin all the things. I’m already suffering because I can’t go to the library and get new books.

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Me neither. It’s been almost a month since the estimated shipping date.

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