The Kinder Poison

I know a lot of us are waiting on The Kinder Poison, whether we won it or claimed it with points.

I just wanted to make a topic about the book specifically. I would highly recommend, as I’ve done, purchasing the book from a retailer (OR support an indie bookstore!). It supports the author and helps get the word out about the book. And, you can still get your review points if you read it and review it within 7 days of publication.

Tattered Cover Bookstore is offering signed copies.
Natalie Mae is sending out numbered maps as a pre-order incentive as well. You can enter your receipt information via her website.

I know not everyone that won the ARC can buy a finished copy, but I figured I’d put the information out there in case anyone is interested :slight_smile:


I ended up pre-ordering my copy from my local indie bookstore- this way it supports the author and my local bookstore.

Has anyone receive their copy of the Kinder Poison from BookishFirst?

It’s looking like it’s not going to happen, unfortunately.

If we used points to get it through Bookish First and the book never comes, can we get our points back?


:woman_shrugging: I have no idea what they’ll do about that.

I have the same question, I claimed it and want my points back!!