Thank you - my book has arrived!

@kalventure I guess I’m no longer on their list :joy:

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I’ve tried contacting Penguin Teen a few times, with no luck. Guess I’m just not important enough for a response :joy:

At this point, I’m just on the hunt via ARC trading groups to find the ones I need. Or I’ll just purchase finished copies. :woman_facepalming:

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Interesting; I will do a quick search to see if there’s a new request grid link. I was on the list but the person left last Fall and I haven’t gotten anything since. The few emails I’ve sent requesting arcs since then have gone unanswered, which is why I’ve been focusing on BookishFirst for Penguin Teen titles.

Thank you!

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My ARC of The Sin in the Steel arrived today, May 27th! Thank you! I can’t wait to read it!

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Not yet! My fingers are crossed that we will get it in tome to read and review before the pub date!

I created a post with some information about the book :slight_smile:

No, haven’t received it. So disappointed. I understand the delay but it’s now starting to get a little redundant. Come on Penguin Teen! I feel so bad for the author, I can’t believe they didn’t push her release date back like others especially because she’s a debut. I’m also disappointed in @bookishfirst_team for not restoring our points for those of us who used them (me!) on penguin teen books. I’m now hesitant to use any points on anything right now.


Oh thank goodness. I saw some people receiving theirs and have been stalking my mailbox with no luck. I used my points for the book and I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who hasn’t gotten their book yet. Fingers crossed it comes soon!

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You saw people receive Kinder Poison??? I haven’t seen anyone get it!

No, cstrong555 was replying to an earlier comment about The Orphan Collector. Still outta luck on Kinder Posion :confused:

I received my copy of The Sin in the Steel! Can’t wait for my other two!

I received my copy of The Exiles which was an extra giveaway.

It really shouldn’t fall on us to have to individually email the publisher and hope they respond, though. That’s something @bookishfirst_team should be working out with Penguin Teen on our behalf, because isn’t that the whole point of being the middleman service?

Taps screen …y’all still here? I mean, I‘m assuming you are, since someone was able to post not one, but two different bingo cards for this month. We’re headed into June now, and the last update we got was in April. So what’s the word, @bookishfirst_team?


I definitely agree, but at this point…we’re just at a standstill it seems. There’s not much of a response on anyone’s part.

I saw that Penguin Teen is listing giveaways again on Goodreads. Maybe this is a good sign that ours will be coming soon? :woman_shrugging:

I received my copy of The Sin in the Steel over the weekend! Thank you :sunny:

Has anyone heard anything from Penguin Teen about their ARCs? I claimed points for one and then won another one, and was just wondering if they were getting back to normal yet.


Any update on Jo & Laurie or any Penguin Teen book?? I used points on Goddess in the Machine and My Eyes are Up Here.


Has anyone received their copy of The Kinder Poison yet? I claimed the book with points when it was available. The publication date is just two weeks away and I don’t have my copy yet! Just wondering if they are out there.

I’m waiting on them too!!

I also used my points to claim a kinder poison and I won goddess in the machine and I still haven’t received any of them.

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