Winners of "Members Only"

Anyone else win Members Only, and when do you expect to start it? I have two books in my TBR ahead of it, but with the social distancing efforts, I’m expecting to get to it within a week or so.

Has your copy arrived already? I’m still waiting on mine. I need to wrap up my ARC of American Demon before I start Members Only. Also waiting for the ARC of Three Perfect Liars in the mail.

Mine arrived yesterday

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I got my copy yesterday, but since it doesn’t come out until May, I probably won’t start for another few weeks. I need to read A Tangled Web first.

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Thanks for the responses. I too need a few weeks before I can dive in. Would love to engage in a virtual dialogue here as we all read it and will update when I start.

I just received my copy! I’m about halfway through American Demon, so hopefully I’ll start Members Only by next week.

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I have my copy too! Would love to chat about it!

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Same! I’ve just started, about 40 pages in. Would love to hear how people feel about the main character and his internal monologues

You’re a bit ahead of me. I’m about 2-3 days away from starting but as soon as I do, perhaps we can share our thoughts.

I really like him. I find his inner monologues authentic, and entertaining. I especially enjoy the scenes when he knows what he is doing is 100% off, but he can’t stop himself.

Can’t help but wonder what else could go wrong in a week - but then again, reading this during the pandemic makes me realize … a lot can go wrong!

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree, I find him to be a very authentic character, and I can certainly empathize with those very human “what are you doing? why are you doing this?” moments. It’s interesting to see how many parallels exist between the narrator and the author, and I wonder how much of the story is based on his personal experiences living as a person of color in America.

Hi there. Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to read Members Only yet, and whether you liked it. I found Raj so charming, and was routing for him every step and misstep along the way.