Book Subscriptions?

Do you have a book subscription?

If so, what company? What made you choose that specific company over others?

How much is the book box subscription and is there options for single or multiple books?

Please include anything else you want us to know about your book subscription!

Be sure to include your subscriber code and website link for new people to join in case any of us wants to!

Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I used to have one with Bubbles and Books, which was a subscription for romance novels for $27.00 which included the shipping. There were three subgenres, historical, bad boy, and paranormal. In each box was the book, a bath bomb, usually bubble soap and sometimes tea candles. I enjoyed the subscription while I had it, but honestly, for me, it was getting harder to justify the subscription when I wasn’t reading the books and I no longer lived in a place that had a tub.


That sounds like a great subscription box, especially for the price. I would join if they had more than romance books. I’m more of a historical fiction, thriller/mystery and YA type of woman personally.

I used to have a subscription to Book of the Month but I believe it’s just one book for 14.99/month, if I remember correctly. And that’s absurd to me. I’m really into recycling so buying new books seem pointless. I always buy used books now. My favorite places to shop for books is (for online shopping) and Half Priced Books (in person). You can get great books that look brand new for a fraction of the cost. Plus, recycling is cool. :joy::joy:

Merry Christmas! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


I’m only subscribed to Book of the Month, I’ll be getting 12 book credits for the year as Christmas/Birthday gift for this upcoming year.

I usually buy all of my books with gift cards, get them from giveaways or the thrift store but if I buy a new book it is from Book of the Month. I would love to get a Book Subscription box like owlcrate or the unplugged book box one day when I have a solid income. :smiley:


I was subscribed to Book Of The Month but I unsubbed a few months ago because of my tbr stacking up mostly but I might resubscribe eventually once they have some choices I like. I would like to try out Baecrate, but shipping is kind of pricey and I don’t like the surprise of waiting to see what items are in the box so I’m unsure of that one. I really don’t buy many physical books unless it’s by an author I love or I really enjoyed the book because I tend to do most of my reading on the Libby app. :slight_smile:


What’s the libby app? I’ve never heard of that before.


@thegrimreader It’s where you use your library card to check out e-books/audiobooks (I think overdrive is another one created by them with same premise?) I found out about it a year ago and it’s been so convenient for me when checking out new releases I want and not being able to get to the actual library.


I subscribe to Once Upon a Book Club. It is expensive but fun. My treat to myself. If there is a box that I do not want to keep any of the gifts from I then use it as a giveaway on my Facebook book review page.


I love both Book of the Month and Owlcrate!

Book of the Month is only $14.95 a month and YA of the Month, their sister company, is only $11.95 a month! Each additional book is only $9.99. They have an amazing selection and of course you can skip months you are not interested in ordering. Your first book is only $5 using my referral link, which helps me too, of course. I recently referred someone and forgot to give her my special link :woman_facepalming:t2: Oh well.

Owlcrate is only $29.99 a month for a signed book with an exclusive cover you can’t get anywhere else! Your box will also come with 4-5 high quality bookish goodies! You can purchase a single box or a recurring subscription. Check out their site to see their past boxes! Currently they are so popular, being the most affordable service with the best selection and swag, that they have started a waitlist for new subscribers!

Book of the Month/YA of the Month Referral Link

UPDATE: For Owlcrate, copy and paste into your browser because the link is not working when masked by Bookish First’s coding:


Oh the Libby app is great! I have that and Overdrive, which are connected. You sign up with your library card and can borrow e-books! They even have something with Amazon, all the books I borrow, the link sends me to Amazon and it’s downloaded onto my Kindle! It’s great and it’s free!


@thegrimreader I just found this page

There are a few YA clubs! I’m thinking of subscribing to one of the others.

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Okay, I couldn’t help but laugh. No longer have a tub… not reading the books.

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I might have to check out the YA offerings. YA is actually one of my favorite genres.

I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at that just now! That’s fantastic… I didn’t even catch that! That’s awesome! LOL

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@faunne I did try your links and they didn’t work. Just wanted to let you know!

Thanks for the heads up! I checked the BOTM link and it works. For some reason, the Owlcrate link doesn’t work. It may be because they are on waitlist status. I did verify the link on the site though.


I do book of the month, I get the yearly plan. I like this subscription because you get to pick your book or skip the month, also they have other books that you can purchase for $9.99 hard cover (if your ok with the BOTM logo on the cover.)

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I have Owlcrate but even though they are by far the most established (in the US) as far as always getting signed books with exclusive covers, they tend to pick the same ya genres a lot and I might end. But I also get one called Unplugged box which is AMAZING. They have two options, them a young adult box and an adult box (and the best part is every month if you want to you can choose to switch the the adult or YA if one sounds better in their site it takes two seconds. They focus the products on self care and less on fandoms (though the self care items are book or book character themed). Typically items you’ll get are bath bombs, body scrubs, lotions, candles, bookmarks, and lately they’ve been really doing a fun mix of self care and unique things like a Bluetooth speaker, blankets, honestly you can skip any month if you want easily but I’ve never in a year skipped one. The book genres are all over the place from month to month (ya is always ya, just different genres of young adult) so between the two options it’s had to not get both at times and yes I have. Customer service is amazing! They don’t do special edition boxes (yet, which I like) but for holiday times and just random times they do unique special boxes which are optional (for Xmas they did 3 sized advent boxes, 5, 10, or 15 which depending on the number you bought they wrapped that many products plus one book and numbered them so you open one each day like an advent calendar…) I got the ten day one and I have to say it was probably the best book gift I’ve ever gotten. I could seriously go on forever, they are a newer company so bookplates and no exclusive covers yet, but if that’s not important to you I could not recommend another book box any better or more than Unplugged book box. Also they ship their boxes by the 6th if each month and not once has it been delayed. They keep you posted of any and all changes. Seriously if you like them get this one!

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Before Owlcrate went to waitlist, I would occasionally get boxes from them if I liked the theme and knew what the book was (I could usually guess). While it is fun and I enjoy the exclusive covers, the kinds of items that they include for the most part were things as a minimalist I didn’t have a use for or for fandoms I’m meh on. I prefer things with a use, and also spreading the fandom love around – which they are kind of bad at.

More often I get Litjoycrate to treat myself! I love that you can just do a once-off, non-renewing subscription with them. Plus their covers have exclusive artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket! I love the items they include, too. I ordered the February crate and will probably post an unboxing when it arrives.

If you want to check Litjoycrate out, my referral code is pz1d3un (we’ll both get $5 off). In addition to their referral program, they also have rewards where you earn money off future boxes/orders that’s really generous - I think it is $10 off for every $100 spent?

I almost decided to try Book of the Month club at Christmas but honestly I receive so many ARC’s from BookishFirst, NetGalley & Goodreads, I’ll usually just use my local library if there’s any I really want to read. Also guilty of holiday gifting myself wanted books from Book Outlet & Thrift Books during sales lol…