Mystery/Thriller forum

This is a continuation of a forum that originated on Amazon and subsequently moved to Goodreads. It doesn’t work well in Goodreads due to programming awkwardness in that platform. So here we are giving this platform a try.
All are welcome to co tribute to discussion here. There is only one rule. Treat everyone with respect.


Please come join us for a chat, share ideas on variety of subjects. We hope to create an atmosphere of warmth and friendship that nurtures all that spend time here.
A little about myself
To all newcomers, I post by the pseudonym Cluny. My passions are dogs and quality mystery/ thrillers. Though with the current heavy depressing political climate these days, I find myself gravitating toward light humorous historical romances. Currently I reside in a Long term nursing facility with my service dig due to a myriad of maladies. My predilection in past few years is for Nordic mysteries.

I just finished watching on Netflix DEADWIND(S?), a Finnish twelve part series. I enjoyed it tho I saw a few flaws in it.

Have you read any outstanding books lately? We are always looking for recomendations. No spoilers or full synopsis please!! And absolutely no self promotions!!


So glad to see you posting again. Looking forward to keeping up with you and getting book recommendations! I’ve missed your lively conversations!
Hope you are well!

Hopefully this will be easier forum for all to navigate…and new friends will join us. Sorry to hear about your babies. Sawyer was sick last week cuz he ate some cantaloupe. I have new appreciation for parents that get up with sick children in middle of the night and have to go to work the next day!!! He kept me up two nights in a row.last wwwk. He is better now.

Cluny I am here. I hope this works for us as I miss our old forum a great deal. I am starting to gather things for our Thanksgiving feast even though it may only be the two of us. Wish we could spirit you across the states and have you join us.

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Hello and welcome to Britanylee89(please excuse if I misspelled)

Hi Joan
I am hoping that this works better than Goodreads site and we can close that site eventually. Also hope that we have many new friends join us here and participate. I’m off to the opthamologist for shingles eye monitoring
later today. Wish that I could transport to Utah for Thanksgiving. Chicago area weather has been crazy lately. We had five inches of snow on Halloween and record setting cold in early November. Going to watch a few mystery dvds from library this week and read the latest Longmire book. Will report back on any that are just see.

Mystery and Thrillers are one of my favorite genres.

Has anyone read the SUN DOWN MOTEL or GOOD GIRLS LIE? They are very good.

Elizabeth neither of these appear to have been released.

Films and such
Cluny you might enjoy Hostiles on Netflix. I thought it was fabulous.

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Hey, all! I’m excited to join this thread. I love mysteries and thrillers, so I’m here for all the suggestions and recommendations that I can give and receive :slight_smile:

Hey, Cluny! I made it! Will I get email notifications when someone has posted?

Glad to see you posting.

Hi, I’m new to this so I’m not sure if I need to subscribe to your group forum or how to follow, but I love many mystery/thriller books and would love to be apart of your chats. I’m also happy to give any recommendations as well as love to revive them:-) Thank you and if there is something I need to do to officially be apart of your group I’d really appreciate any guidance. If not, then I’m excited to chat and contribute!


Yeah! Glad you’re here!!. There is something somewhere in your settings on bookfirst that you click on that will send notifications of new postings to your email. Think that settings option may appear or be accessed thru forum home page or something called my account.

Sorry that I can’t be more clear. I’m not awake yet.

Welcome to all our new friends! Some of us have been online friends for a few years and we talk about all sorts of things, such as cooking, quilting. We even have served as life coaches and have given our collective wisdom regarding relationships. Kathy Delaney is our resident whiz at quilting having written several books on the subject and traveled the country serving as a Bernina ambassador. Joan makes our mouths water as she is a very good and creative cook. Brenda shares my passion for dogs and great mysteries.

If these postings don’t interest you, skim past them because we always eventually return to the subject of books. Add anything else that you would like to talk about(other than politics and religion because they start wars and this is a place that I want people to come and relax)


You don’t have to do anything to join us. Just jump in.

Cluny I have signed up.

Well, I think I signed up for notification if someone specifically replies to one of MY posts, but still cannot figure out how to get a notification regarding any new posts in general. So, if someone figures it out, please let me know what you find.

Cluny, sorry to hear you are having eye problems. I hope it is short lived.

Hi Cluny,

Thanks for setting this up. My favourite fiction genre is also quality mystery/thrillers including spy novels and I am also partial to science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. I am a long term lurker from the original Amazon forum and I agree with you re Goodreads. Hi Joan and every one else. I really appreciate all your contributions.


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Hello I’m Nicole! I’m excited to have found this forum! I’m very much addicted to the mystery/thriller genre in the book and movie world. Looking forward to getting some new recs!

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I recently finished the Death of Mrs. Westaway and The Woman in the Window! Both were amazing!! I always have a lot of good movie recs if any of you are interested. :slight_smile: