Share your 2024 TBR

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What books are you planning on reading this year? Like posts featuring books you’ve read!


It would be impossible for me to show my whole TBR for 2024, but these are books that I have planned. They are mostly my January reads, book club reads that I know are coming up, and some of my most highly anticipated reads. I will likely read about 90+ books in 2024, but I have no idea yet what most of them will be.


Fun! I, too, want to read The Rom-Commers. Of your others posted, I heartily concur with Lessons in Chemistry and Starter Villain, both of which are tons of fun!

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Here’s a partial view of my TBR. I’ve got decisions to make

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I don’t make set year long TBRs any more, but here are some books I’m hoping to prioritize throughout the year:

  • Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian
  • The Poppy War R.F. Kuang
  • This Is What America Looks Like by Ilhan Omar
  • The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
  • Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller
  • The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle

I plan monthly, and right now the only book I have planned for January is The Meadows by Stephanie Oakes.

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Here’s a list of the books I plan to read this year:

Scifi and fantasy only

1 Redemption in Indigo
2 The kingdoms
3 Becoming crone
4 The house of the spirits
5 Sorrowland
6 The Scar

A Book a Month List

1 Priory of the Orange Tree
2 The Maid
3 Elon Musk
4 The seven sisters
5 Educated
6 Anger is an energy
7 A morbid taste for bones
8 The city and the city
9 The reformatory
10 Yellowface
11 A year of marvellous ways
12 Five days at Memorial

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My TBR is so long, but here’s a taste!


Here are a few books from my TBR list - my reading goal for 2024 is 75 books. I hit 100 this year, so 75 should be attainable.

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Lessons in Chemistry was absolutely fantastic! LMK how you like it!

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1984 and Lolita are two of my favorites of all time. And I love the Kurt Vonnegut books also. I’ve read all of his works - are these your first ones?

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I read Cat’s Cradle this year and that was my first foray into his work and I found myself captivated and very intrigued by his style. I own Player Piano, Slaughterhouse-Five, and Siren’s of Titan, but have yet to delve into them. Looking forward to it this year! I can’t believe I haven’t read 1984. Not even once for school or anything. And Lolita has been on my TBR for quite some time as well.

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I devoured all his books in high school/college, read some of them multiple times. You can definitely tell his older books were better written than his later ones. Some writers just can’t hold up the level of their stories as they turn out their books. I also read…a biography? of him and was surprised at how Jill Krementz (his wife) treated him. Speaking of classics, have you read Catch-22? That’s another winner.

I don’t make a list of books to read for the year or the month. That said, I do have books that are already bought, some are gifts, sitting in a pile to be read this coming year 2024.

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I do have several to-read lists going, but no set timeline in mind for any of the titles–most of the time it makes more sense just to pick and choose as I go depending on availability and my current mood (as well as any ongoing bingo or other reading challenges, and whether or not I have any time-sensitive review copies in the queue).

I do have a copy of Kosoko Jackson’s latest book, The Forest Demands Its Due, arriving in the mail soon, and I’ve enjoyed 2 of his previous books, so I’m really looking forward to reading that one in the next month or so.

I also a few hold at my library for Unraveling by Peggy Orenstein, which would satisfy the “Published in January” (2023) square OR the “meant to read in 2023” square OR the “borrowed on library app” square; Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson (with a “January” 2024 publishing date), Tommy Orange’s upcoming release Wandering Stars (Feb 2024), and a title from J.D. Robb (whom I’ve not actually read before, but I’ve been making an effort to get around to sampling the books that various library patrons are always requesting, and which I’m sure will be satisfactorily suspenseful).
bookcover bs to jd

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I’m a nonfiction reader :slightly_smiling_face: I know it’s not a popular choice but here they are!

Drawing Breath: Essays on Writing, the Body, and Loss by Gayle Brandeis is my top 1 TBR. I wanted to read about transformative journeys in life.
Since I’m a music lover too, A Mind Full of Music by Chris Forhan will be my next TBR. This book is like a love song to music.

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Interesting. Yeah I was just looking through his page on Goodreads and I didn’t even realize how many of his newer books I haven’t even heard of. Wild. Definitely still excited to get into the ones I already have and several others though.

I have not read Catch-22, however, I just read the blurb about it on GR and it sounds pretty out there! You certainly went and got me intrigued. And made my TBR one book longer.

Matilda, The Little Prince, Emma, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Cat’s Cradle (if you do indeed consider the latter a classic), are the only “classics” I have read since January I guess. It took me a million years to finish Emma. I mean, I loved Jane Eyre when I read it a couple years ago, but Emma was a downright slog for me. It was my first Austen… perhaps I should’ve started with a different one? Or maybe I just prefer the Victorian era over the Georgian.

Do you like Austen, or the Brontës, or anyone from around those eras? I’ve been making an effort to include more British classics into my TBR; Hardy and good old Charles Dickens are both in the mix for next year. Lol and I do have Northanger Abbey and Wuthering Heights on the TBR for 2024 as well, so we’ll see if a Brontë beats out Austen again for my favor.

Ooh! I have Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect as well. You read the first one, presumably? Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone?

Me and a couple friends who comprise a teeny book club read that for it one month this year. They didn’t like it as much as me so the Train prob won’t be on the list for them next year.

:grin: yes, I did enjoy the first one – I think I was going to use it for unreliable narrator, but also didn’t want to give away too many details and ended up using it for a different square.